His Wife Stopped Doing Chores Like Washing Her Laundry And Dishes And Just Started Buying New Disposable Utensils And Cheap Clothes So He Threw Them All Out

VadimGuzhva - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

One of the most annoying parts of ‘adulthood’ is doing all household chores and tidying yourself. This can become especially difficult when you start to live with someone, and they don’t want to do their fair share.

One man has been arguing with his wife since she’s been neglecting her share of chores and replacing any dirty items with new ones.

He’s 28 and has been married to his 30-year-old wife for two years, though they’ve been together for five. They both work full-time and thought they were ready to start having children, but they’ve decided to hold off. One of the reasons they’re not starting a family yet is because there have been some major issues with their household duties.

“My wife and I originally had a chore system set up where we just rock paper scissor-ed the calendar for our days off,” he explained.

“We got a pretty fair cut, but she did get more dish [washing] days. I got more, if not all, the laundry. My wife hates washing dishes. She hates it with such a passion that she sometimes just shuts down and cries when she sees them in the sink.”

Whenever he saw his wife crying over the dishes, he’d step in and do them for her, even if he had more chores to complete than her. However, eventually, he noticed that his wife would trick him and fake cry to get out of doing the dishes. He started to hate the mind game she played.

Then, they tried making an agreement that whoever cooked dinner for the two of them that night wouldn’t have to do the dishes; instead, the other person would.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work either, and his wife would yell at him anytime he asked her to do the dishes after he cooked a big meal.

Their other major chore is laundry, and his wife is not helpful in that department either. She refuses to do any laundry, and he does most of it. All he expects her to do is put her dirty clothes in their hampers so he can wash them. However, she sometimes didn’t even do that, which made him so angry that he eventually broke.

VadimGuzhva – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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