One Evening Last Year, She Walked Out Of Her House And Vanished

Facebook - pictured above is Brittany

Born on November 26, 1987, Brittany Tee of Massachusetts attended David Prouty High School in Spencer. Then, following her graduation in 2006, she went on to attend Westfield State College – where she graduated in 2010.

By the time she was 35-years-old in 2023, she was living in a home located on Main Street in Brookfield, Massachusetts, with her boyfriend. She’d also been a manager at a local liquor store for three years.

Yet, on the evening of January 10, 2023, Brittany walked out of her house, disappeared, and was never seen or heard from again.

That night, she was reportedly last seen leaving her home on foot at about 8:30 p.m. Brittany never returned home after that, and two days later, on January 12, her family contacted the Brookfield Police Department to report her missing.

As for why it took two days for Brittany’s disappearance to be reported, her family reportedly thought they might know where she’d gone.

Once an investigation was launched, authorities extensively searched the wooded region surrounding Brittany’s house. They enlisted the help of drones, K9 units, and a helicopter to scour the area, but no evidence of Brittany’s whereabouts were uncovered.

One week after she vanished, the search region was extended to about a one-mile radius from her home on January 17. The following day, it was also extended again.

Brittany vanished with some of her personal belongings, including her wallet, iPad, and cell phone. Her phone last pinged close to the Brookfield State Police Barracks located on Route 9.

But, while she owned a vehicle, it was reportedly not in working condition. So, her car was left in front of her residence.

Facebook – pictured above is Brittany

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