Researchers Have Successfully Generated Electricity From Algae, Creating A Renewable Energy Source That Doesn’t Produce Carbon Emissions

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Scientists are always trying to find new ways to treat our environment with more care. One way to do so is through the use of renewable energy, which can make our world a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable place to live in.

Researchers at Concordia University in Wisconsin have figured out how to generate electricity from algae, creating a renewable source of power that doesn’t produce carbon emissions.

Could algae be the fuel of the future? According to a new study, these green machines hold a lot of real potential in moving the world away from fossil fuels.

To harness the power of algae, the researchers used the process of photosynthesis to develop microphotosynthetic power cells. These cells capture tiny particles known as electrons during photosynthesis, transforming them into an ongoing electrical current.

The method produces clean energy while absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, meaning that it is a “negative carbon emission technology,” making it incredibly environmentally friendly.

“Photosynthesis produces oxygen and electrons. Our model traps the electrons, which allows us to generate electricity. So, more than being a zero-emission technology, it’s a negative carbon emission technology: it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and gives you a current. Its only byproduct is water,” explained Kirankumar Kuruvinashetti from the University of Calgary.

The micro photosynthetic power cells consist of small chambers connected by a special membrane. In one chamber, the scientists placed algae. In the other, they added a chemical called potassium ferricyanide.

Electrons are released when the algae performs photosynthesis. The electrons are captured by the membrane and create an electric current. Electricity can even be generated without direct sunlight, although the process does go more smoothly with sunlight.

Compared to regular solar panels, algae power cells produce less electricity. However, further improvements could help with their efficiency. They are also more affordable and simpler to make. They use eco-friendly materials instead of stuff like harmful gases or silicon solar cells.

mivod – – illustrative purposes only

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