She Left Her Utah Home And Began Walking Along A Dirt Road Toward Her New Job At A Neighboring Ranch, But She Never Arrived

Utah Department Of Public Safety - pictured above is Elizabeth

Born on December 24, 2002, Elizabeth Green grew up in a small desert town called Callao, Utah. Located in northern Snake Valley, Callao is known to be “extremely rural” and has only a handful of ranches and homes.

Earlier this year, 21-year-old Elizabeth also landed a new job at a neighboring ranch. So, on April 17, 2024, she left her house and began walking along a dirt road to her new job by herself.

Yet, she never showed up for her first day of work, and Elizabeth has been missing ever since.

Once she failed to return home that day, her loved ones contacted the Juab County Sheriff’s Office to file a missing person’s report.

In a search warrant filed by investigators to gain access to Elizabeth’s devices and social media accounts, the Juab County Search and Rescue (SAR) team’s search efforts were detailed.

“This area of our county is approximately three hours away from any major cities and requires travel on dirt roads. SAR searched the area between her home and the ranch she was going to work at. They also searched in a grid pattern around the area. They were unable to locate Elizabeth or anything to determine where she could have gone,” the warrant states.

Additionally, investigators reportedly searched the ranch property where Elizabeth planned to start her new job. Still, nothing “suspicious” was located on the property, and the rancher reportedly told authorities that he did not have any contact with Elizabeth the day she vanished.

According to Elizabeth’s loved ones, she suffered from mental health issues and had run away in the past. However, she would always return home and contact her family within about a day, making a long-term disappearance very uncharacteristic.

This has left investigators unsure of the exact circumstances surrounding Elizabeth’s disappearance. Still, they have a couple of theories.

Utah Department Of Public Safety – pictured above is Elizabeth

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