She Planned To Bring Her Teen Son Food At Her Ex-Husband’s House In 2019 But Never Arrived And Has Been Missing Ever Since

Facebook - pictured above is Graciela

Born on October 6, 1970, in Mexico, Graciela Garcia immigrated to the United States with her family as a young girl and ultimately settled in Oregon.

There, she was raised in Hermiston, where she attended Umatilla High School before enrolling at Blue Mountain College.

By 2019, the 49-year-old had four children with her ex-husband. The pair had been married for 17 years before getting a divorce, and Graciela and her ex shared custody of their youngest son.

Additionally, Graciela remarried and was living with her new husband – Cuahotemoc Romero Sanchez – in a home located on Hurlburt Avenue.

At the same time, she owned her own salon known as Careye Beauty Salon, which Graciela operated out of her house. She reportedly went to hair shows often, given her occupation as a hairstylist, and loved to travel.

“She is a well-known, very loved hair stylist in this area. She was always trying to better herself and reach her full potential. And taught us to do the same,” said Graciela’s youngest daughter, Gabby.

But, on an ordinary day in 2019, Graciela disappeared, and what exactly happened has remained a mystery ever since.

It all began on November 8, 2019, when she planned to bring some food to her 14-year-old son. Her son had been staying with his father – her ex-husband – at the time.

However, Graciela never arrived at her ex’s residence with the food. Rather, her husband brought it over and claimed that Graciela had just gone to bed.

Facebook – pictured above is Graciela

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