She Vanished After Going On A Morning Run, And A Suspect Has Since Been Charged With Her Murder, But Her Whereabouts Remain A Mystery

farmuty - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Samantha Murphy of Victoria, Australia, was married to her husband, Mick Murphy, and together, they had three children.

The Murphy family lived on Eureka Street in Ballarat, located in the Central Highlands region of Victoria. Samantha and her husband also operated a small business together near their home.

She was known to be very physically and mentally fit as well, and in February of this year, she reportedly began training to run in an upcoming race.

So, on February 3, Samantha and her husband had dinner at their house with some mutual friends. During the meal, she shared her plan to go on an 8.7 mile – or 14-kilometer – run through the Woowookarung Regional Park the following day.

Then, the following morning, Samantha was last caught on surveillance camera footage leaving her home to go on her run at approximately 7:00 a.m. After this final sighting, she was never seen again.

Later that same morning, February 4, Samantha was supposed to go to brunch with her family at 11:00 a.m. However, she never arrived, and afterward, her family ultimately contacted the Victoria State Police to report her missing.

Once an investigation was launched, authorities reportedly stated that Samantha went missing under suspicious circumstances. Then, they claimed to believe that she was likely dead and that “one or more parties” were potentially responsible for her going missing.

According to GPS records, Samantha ran 4.3 miles through Woowookarung Regional Park to Mount Clear. Her cell phone last pinged to a cell tower located in Buninyong, which is about 8.7 miles away from her house.

Investigators began by conducting widespread search efforts in the park, as well as the surrounding areas. They were assisted by the Search and Rescue Squad, Mounted Branch, Air Wing, and the dog squad. Still, no indicators of Samantha or her whereabouts were uncovered.

farmuty – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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