She Vanished From Her Home In 2019, Leaving Behind Her Dog And A Cut-Up Watermelon In The Refrigerator, Ready For Her Grandchildren To Eat

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In 2019, 53-year-old Sandra Crispo moved from Quincy to Hanson, Massachusetts, in order to be closer to both her daughter, Laina McMahon, and her grandchildren.

Sandra lived alone, but Laina worked as a nurse in Boston and often had long shifts. So, Sandra would typically spend time at home caring for her three grandchildren.

However, just three months after relocating to Hanson, Sandra disappeared and has been missing ever since.

It all began on August 7, 2019, when Laina showed up at Sandra’s home – located on Spofford Avenue – to drop off Sandra’s grandchildren. Then, Laina left for work.

Later that day, Sandra reportedly had some problems with her car. So, her son-in-law picked up her and her grandchildren. Sandra also brought her car to a repair shop and provided her daughter’s phone number as a point of contact for the mechanic.

Afterward, Sandra got a ride to a Cumberland Farms store located near her house. There, she purchased cigarettes, as shown on surveillance camera footage.

Then, at approximately 5:00 p.m., Sandra was brought back to her home and dropped off. That same evening, she spoke to her family on the phone for the last time.

The following day, August 8, 2019, the mechanic from the repair shop reportedly contacted Laina and claimed more auto parts were needed to fix Sandra’s car. So, Laina tried to call her mom’s home phone, but she was unable to get in touch with Sandra.

This particularly concerned Laina, given the fact that her mom didn’t have a car at the time and, in general, wasn’t known to leave home much.

kowit1982 – – illustrative purposes only

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