She Vanished In 2017 After Getting Into An Argument With Her Boyfriend And Was Last Seen Stumbling And Bleeding On Surveillance Footage From A Gas Station

Facebook - pictured above is Brianna

Born in 1992, Brianna Jayde Vibert reportedly had a traumatic childhood. Nonetheless, she was known to be a loving person who cared deeply for those who helped raise her, in addition to her own children.

At 3 years old, Brianna was first adopted by a family who lived in Binghamton, New York. Then, after spending several years with that family, Brianna was reportedly placed with a different family. Then, Bobbi Jo Stone legally adopted Brianna, and they both settled in Birch Run, Michigan.

Once Brianna reached 24 years old, she’d already endured many challenges. She was recently divorced from the father of her children but remained in Michigan – working hard to provide her kids with a good life.

Yet, on July 15, 2017, Brianna disappeared, and Bobbi Jo knew that something was wrong.

“She would never just leave. I know for a fact if she was alive, she would be in contact with someone,” Bobbi Jo said.

It all began on July 14, 2017, when Brianna last spoke on the phone with Lisa Morley Hulse, who she lived with from age 3 to 16. They reportedly discussed her plans to travel to New York in order to surprise her sister at her gender reveal party. 

“She was just really happy and excited to come visit us,” Lisa recalled, “And we couldn’t wait to see her. But we never did. And that’s the last time I talked to her.”

Then, later that night, Brianna left her home in Flint Township, Michigan, after getting into an argument with her boyfriend.

Afterward, Brianna was seen on surveillance footage at a Marathon gas station located on Miller Road. She reportedly frequented that gas station to either use the bathroom or charge her phone.

Facebook – pictured above is Brianna

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