A New Technique Combining AI And Brain Implants Aims To Cut Down The Time Criminals Spend Behind Bars And Help Improve Their Behavior

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been utilized in the field of criminal justice for some time, and its presence will only continue to grow in the future. A creative scientist named Hashem Al-Ghaili has introduced Cognify, a new technique to reform the criminal justice system.

Cognify uses artificial intelligence and brain implants to reduce the time that criminals spend behind bars and assist them in improving their behavior. It is the “prison of the future,” and many people aren’t very excited about it.

The technology involves fitting an offender with a VR headset that plays an AI-generated video of the crime they committed. A brain implant will cause the individual to experience emotional states such as regret and guilt.

For instance, if a person is a violent offender, they may be forced to watch their crime unfold from the perspective of the victim. People who commit drug-related crimes may have to undergo simulated struggles of addiction and recovery.

The aim of the treatment is to create fake memories that seem real and are implanted directly into the prisoner’s brain so they can feel the psychological and emotional effects of the crime. This could make them less likely to repeat the offense in the future.

The treatment process includes using high-resolution brain scans of the prisoners to map out their neural pathways. The Cognify gadget will target the regions of the brain involving memory, logic, and thought.

Cognify is meant to be an alternative option to a traditional prison sentence. Treatments can take place in just a few minutes, but they’re meant to feel like years. This is done by modifying how criminals view time by speeding up the long-term effects of their actions.

The memories can be specifically tailored to each individual’s personality and rehabilitation. The technology is supposed to make criminals feel the pain and suffering their victims went through. Some memories are intended to cause long-lasting trauma.

In a short demonstration film that was posted to social media, there is a white room filled with 19 pods. Inside each pod, an inmate is wearing a Cognify device. As they spend time being subjected to intense events, a central computer records and stores information about them. The data is encrypted for safekeeping. It will help researchers understand the motivation behind certain crimes.

EJRodriquez – – illustrative purposes only

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