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    ThingMaker is a $300 3D Printer For Kids That Makes Toys

    The two things holding 3D printers back from mainstream adoption is cost and relative difficulty of use. While they have been going down in price, it looks like both of those problems will finally be solved in 2016 — and everyone under the age of 13 stands to benefit the most. Late this year, Mattel […]

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    HP Bringing Full 3D Scanning to Sprout

    Late last year, HP launched Sprout, a new kind of desktop computer geared towards media professionals and engineers. Sprout uses an Intel RealSense camera to scan objects placed on a touch mat in front of the display — users can then manipulate what they just scanned using touch controls on the mat. What HP didn’t […]

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    NASA 3D Prints Ratchet Wrench in Space

    It’s a relatively young technology, but it’s already making the jump to the final frontier—3D printing has arrived on the International Space Station, and it could be a hugely important part of any future manned missions to Mars and beyond. The most significant development in 3D printing in space happened not too long ago—a ratchet […]

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    Dog Gets New Leash On Life Thanks to 3D Printed Legs

    If you need a respite from the endless torrent of bad news that is life on planet Earth, here’s something you can genuinely enjoy. 3D Systems recently made Derby the dog’s life by taking in the pup and, with a little 3D-printing know-how, got him walking and running for the first time. The Dodo has […]

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    Shapify Uses Kinect to Create a 3D Selfie

    Look, nothing’s done more for self-love in the 21st century than the selfie. We know this. But the selfie is just so flat. We have 3DTVs. We have 3D printers. In the realm of looking at ourselves, frankly, we can do better. Presenting Shapify.me, a new service you can use order a 1/20 scale miniature […]

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    This 3D Printed Diamond Ring is Crazy Realistic

    It looks like 3D printing has now entered into the world of jewelry, and we aren’t talking about little plastic trinkets either. No, this 3D printing involves gold, diamonds, and pearls. Doesn’t that sound like a Prince song? Visitors to American Pearl will be given the ability to create, customize and design their very own […]