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    Aerial 7 Fuse Headphones Review

    The Fuse is a new twist on the traditional headphones from Aerial 7. These guys already have several great lines of headphones. But the Fuse line offers more versatility by incorporating the Sound Disc System. So the headphones can be removed and used with one of their many styles of beanies. This is a very […]

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    Aerial7 TANK LOLILAND Headphones Review

    Aerial7’s TANK LOLILAND headphones are yet another fun and trendy looking pair of headphones, but with a feminine edge. Tank Loliland is a result of a collaboration between DJ Loli Lux and Aerial7. DJ Loli Lux just happens to be one of the hottest female DJ’s on the scene right now.  “AERIAL7 has great sound, […]