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    The App Store is Full of Zombies

    No, we aren’t talking about Plants vs. Zombies or an uptick in Walking Dead apps. We all know how much Apple loves to brag about the number of apps on the App Store. But, what does that huge number (currently at 1,252,777) actually mean? For most app developers and smartphone users, a lot less than […]

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    SnowCraft for iPhone Review

    So the snow is slowly melting away here in the Northeast part of the country, but that doesn’t mean the snowball fights needs to stop. for the iPhone, iPad (in 2X mode), and iPod Touch is a port of the original free Shockwave game from years ago. In this iOS port, the original SnowCraft charm […]

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    EyeconTroller Media Manager Android App Turns You Phone into a Media Machine

    Finally a media manager app that works for both iPhone and Android phones.  EyeconTroller media manager will search, discover and play home and internet content to connected TVs and other devices in your  home. You can search/browse across multiple home and internet content sources from one application. A “Favorites” folder can hold videos, music and […]

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    BirdBox Alarm Clock Turns Your iPhone into a Working Cuckoo Clock

    Really, what can the iPhone/iPod Touch not do these days?! Well it seems the possibilities are endless! How about making it into a cuckoo clock? The application is called BirdBox Alarm Clock, and the App is free, but you can also purchase an accompanying Bird bird box to complete the cuckoo clock look. If you […]

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    Intelius Hosting the Date Check Dating Game at CES 2010

    When you go to CES the Dating Game doesn’t usually come to mind. Intelius was so inspired by the success of their Date Check mobile application, they have announced a Dating Game contest for attendees of the annual International Consumer Electronic Show. CES attendees can participate in the classic game show, and they will be […]