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    The Most Fun Bluetooth Speakers You Can Buy For $35 Or Less

    Here at Chip Chick, we consider Bluetooth speakers one of the essentials. It’s a gadget we bring everywhere with us; on vacation, to the office, to a weekend at the pool. You name the event, chances are good we have brought along a Bluetooth speaker. Why? They’re portable, functional, and turn everything into a good […]

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    JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

    Every speaker JBL releases is even better than the last. The latest JBL Flip 4 is an incredible portable speaker that’s fully waterproof and sounds amazing as a party pleaser, shower buddy, our indoor chill-time speaker. The Flip 4 has an impressive 12 hour battery and features noise-cancelling speakerphone, built-in buttons, JBL Connect+, and dual […]

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    Monster Blaster Boombox Review

    Monster has brought the boombox back from the dead! The new Monster Blaster is the boombox “reimagined”, and boy can it boom. The new speaker is wireless Bluetooth and can crank up to 12 hours of tunes, no “D” batteries required. It features a waterproof design, integrated handle, NFC pairing, USB device charging, a microphone […]

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    JBL Flip 3 Review – A Tough, Tiny Portable Speaker That Packs Oomph

    JBL has added yet another fabulous addition to their Bluetooth speaker lineup. The JBL Flip 3 is, as you’d imagine, the third iteration of a terrific (and award winning) speaker. Flip 3 is a tough little splashproof speaker with big sound and reasonable price tag. It features a 10 hour battery, unique Bluetooth features, enhanced […]

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    Creative’s Sound Blaster Roar 2 Has Ferocious Sound – Review

    The Creative Sound Blaster Roar blew us away the first time around — following it up wasn’t going to be easy. Fortunately, we’re happy to report that the portable Bluetooth speaker has been upgraded and is slimmer and better than ever as the Sound Blaster Roar 2. The Sound Blaster Roar 2 is sleek and slim […]

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    JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof Portable Speaker Review

    The JBL Charge 2+ is quite possibly the best portable bluetooth speaker on the market right now. We felt the same way about the predecessor, the JBL Charge, when it came out two years ago. The JBL Charge 2+ is a Bluetooth speaker with a large battery that not only powers your tunes, but will […]

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    Aiwa is Back From the Dead

    In what I can only assume is the culmination of a decade-long plot by Sony to milk Aiwa for brand nostalgia by killing it and resurrecting it nine years later, we have new Aiwa stuff! You might remember Aiwa as an electronics company big into audio equipment before business dried up and they were bought […]

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    Sol Republic Deck Ultra Review

    Sol Republic’s Deck Speaker was one of the standout speakers of 2014. Between its fun color choices, and the fact that it was jam packed with features, the Deck rocked. So how do you make a great portable speaker even greater? Sol Republic has redesigned the Deck so that its second generation speaker is more […]

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    Samsung Level Box Bluetooth Speaker Review

    Samsung has worked their way into yet another popular market: portable bluetooth speakers. The new Samsung Level Box is a beautiful looking portable Bluetooth speaker with a 15 hour battery, NFC pairing, and built-in speakerphone. Samsung knows how to market, but do they know how to build a portable speaker? Read on to see how […]

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    SOL Republic PUNK Wireless Speaker Review

    SOL Republic’s PUNK is their tiniest Bluetooth speaker yet, and the company’s first entry into the ultraportable Bluetooth speaker arena. This little speaker is small enough to hold in one hand and carry around in some pockets. But don’t let its petite size fool you, because it’s a lot more powerful then most other ultraportable […]

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    Creative Sound Blaster Roar Bluetooth Speaker Review

    A portable speaker with FIVE drivers? Yep, that’s Creative’s Sound Blaster Roar, which is actually more than just a bluetooth speaker. Creative has been in the speaker game for a very long time, and Roar is a nice attempt at taking bluetooth speakers to the next level. In addition to five drivers, the speaker includes […]

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    Sol Republic’s Latest Speaker is for Punks

    Sol Republic is following up last year’s Deck wireless speaker with Punk, a tiny rugged portable speaker. The Sol Republic Punk is tiny but tough, with dust, water, and shock resistance. But what sets it apart from other portable wireless speakers is the 1/4″ threaded mount that lets you use the Punk with third party bike […]

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    Fugoo Style Review – A Bluetooth Clutch that Rocks

    We’ve seen the portable speaker designed as a clutch done before, but this might be the best crack at it yet. To that effect, the Fugoo Style isn’t just a looker – but it has some seriously good audio chops that make it one of the better portable Bluetooth speakers out there. For a speaker […]

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    Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker Gets a 3rd Gen Update

    Bose’s popular SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker has just been updated. The SoundLink III features an all-new design, longer battery life, and accessory covers in five colors. That said, while the SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III certainly isn’t the affordable option, it packs enough audio power into a portable frame to possibly be worth it. Despite being just 10” […]

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    Jam Rewind Brings the 80’s Tape Cassette Back to Life

    Jam is taking a trip back to the ’80s with Jam Rewind, a portable Bluetooth speaker shaped like a cassette tape – and yeah, the cassette tape case is part of the good times, too. The speaker itself comes in the guise of a cassette tape, but the music coming out of it is going […]