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    Brickhouse Security Knows a Good Tweet When it Sees One

    At Brickhouse Security’s Headquarters in New York City, aside from the regular offices and cubes that you would expect to see it at a dot com company, there is a special area dedicated to all things Twitter. The company has set up several computers manned by interns whose sole purpose is to constantly monitor people’s […]

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    Spark Nano GPS Tracker is Small Enough to Fit in Your Shoe

    The Spark Nano GPS Tracker from Brickhouse Security looks more like a toy than a powerful GPS Tracker. Claiming to be one of the smallest and lightweight GPS Trackers out today, it can easily slip into a  pocketbook, jacket pocket, or any discreet place so you can track someone or something. The sensitivity of the […]

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    Livewire FastTrac Ultra Thin GPS is Smaller than the iPhone

    The Livewire FastTrac: Ultra-Thin GPS tracking with 1, 5, or 10 second updates is the thinnest GPS tracking system on the market. Even smaller than the iPhone! The web-based tracking system requires no software to be installed and gives real time GPS nationwide coverage. Zoom in on the map for the exact street location accurate […]