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    Capcom Reveals Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite With New Trailer

    The rumors proved somewhat true — it’s not called Marvel vs. Capcom 4, but a new Marvel vs. Capcom game is indeed coming our way next year. Capcom showed off a teaser and a little gameplay footage of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite at PlayStation Experience in Anaheim over the weekend, and we already know six of the characters who […]

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    Crossover Fighting Game Marvel vs. Capcom 4 Could Be Announced This Weekend

    The Marvel vs. Capcom series of fighting games has never been a mainstream hit, but it’s been a legendary force in the world’s arcades — the competitive scene around the series was thriving long before eSports became a multi-million dollar industry. While the last release, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, has been a healthy tournament mainstay since its […]

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    Officially Licensed Capcom Street Fighter IV HDTVs, but Why?

    Google’s Google TV announcement might be making a lot of buzz in the news today, but it isn’t the only interesting TV announcement to make it across the wire. Roundtable Concepts has announced their new series of Officially Licensed Capcom Street Fighter IV’ HDTV’s. This launch comes after the success of their Officially Licensed Marvel […]

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    Bionic Commando XBox 360 Review

    Based on the original Bionic Commando from Nintendo, Capcom decided to bring it back and give it a whirl with updated graphics and game play. Well they should have left it alone. The story starts with Nathan Spencer, the Bionic Commando being brought back into action by the same force that imprisoned him after he […]