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    CamSoda Pays You to Give Up Your Privacy and Stream Yourself 24/7

    Want to make an easy $200 per month on the side? All you have to do is abandon all pretense of privacy — and depending on your outlook, you might feel like you’ve done that already, anyway. CamSoda, known more for porn, has been quick to realize the value of putting streaming and said porn together. […]

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    Microsoft Renames Their Live-Streaming Service to Mixer, Adds Co-op Streaming

    Now that watching other people play video games has become an entertainment staple, we’re seeing a surge of interest in live streaming platforms. YouTube is huge, of course, and the most prominent independent streaming platform, Twitch, was snapped up by Amazon back in 2014. Last year, Microsoft bought one of their own, acquiring Beam and […]

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    7 Essential Pieces of Gear to Get Started With Facebook Live Streaming

    So, you’ve heard that there’s good money in this e-celebrity business, and you want to go a piece for yourself. Well, there are a lot of ways to do it — you can start a podcast, stream yourself playing Minecraft, or, if you really want a challenge, you can try to break into beauty vlogging (seriously, good […]

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    YouTube Connect App Aims to Take on Periscope

    These are trying times for YouTube. While the emergence of YouTube personalities and Let’s Players has thrust the site into the center of internet culture, their core business is being eroded by live streaming competitors — Twitch on desktop, and Periscope, Snapchat, and Facebook on mobile. The surprising part is that this has all happened […]