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    The Pleo rb has a Jurassic Park moment

    Think this little fella looks familiar? Well you’d be right, as the Pleo has been knocking around for some years, but Jurassic Park style has just been rescued from extinction. This uber friendly tactile robotic dinosaur was canned last year due to poor sales, but thanks to some outside investment has made a comeback, and has a selection of upgraded features.

    The ‘rb’ stands for reborn, and the latest incarnation of this friendly dinosaur is an intelligent emotive robot, who actually builds relationship with its owner based on how it’s treated. Think Tamagotchi in 3D and you’ll get the idea. You interact physically with the Pleo, touching and stroking it, and you can upload various personalities to it via the included SD card slot.

    The Pleo rb features voice recognition, which allows it to directly respond to names, and motion sensors to help stabilize it. The multiple sensors it’s fitted with give it a very distinct personality; for instance, it’s temperature aware and will shiver if your heating is low. It can also register what time of day it is, and curl up for a nap or wake up accordingly. Well, in theory- the battery life is only 150 minutes, so there’s limited play time.

    You can also purchase accompanying packs full of Learning Stones, which are cute looking accessories (think leaf shapes) fitted with RFID chip, which you let the Pleo nuzzle up to, and they teach it new tricks or how to unwind.

    $469 from PleoWorld