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    This Record Player Lets You Stream Vinyl Records

    The product name might look like a baby sound, but the PVTTBT8 is a grown-up piece of audio equipment. If you want to score some throwback audio in a brand new package with all the modern conveniences you’re used to, this new turntable from Pyle Audio is looking like a good deal. The Pyle Audio […]

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    Pyle’s Latest Turntable is So Vintage, it Plays Cassette Tapes!

    You all know retro has been in these days, with vinyl records enjoying a new surge in popularity. And, of course, we’re not going to totally spurn the technology and convenience of today’s mp3s. So, what’s forgotten in all this? Mid-range retro – I’m talking about cassette tapes.

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    Gakken Premium Gramophone Retro Mechanical Record Player

    Every new digital audio player that comes out gets slicker than the previous one, but there is still something to say about the beauty of the old analogue machines of yore. The Gakken Premium Gramophone Retro mechanical record player is one such an example of a piece of practically ancient equipment that you’ll want to […]