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    Moneual MTT300 is a Touch Table PC for Restaurants

    Even if you never see this exact table at a restaurant or café near you, it’s a pretty good bet that sometime down the line, you’ll see something like it. Now that the conceptual cat’s out of the bag, I’m guessing there are going to be quite a few imitators, and more than a few […]

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    Lenovo IdeaPad U310, U410, Z400 and Z500 Laptops Get Their Touch on

    At CES this week, Lenovo is unleashing its new wave of touch-enabled notebooks and ultrabooks in the form of brand-new IdeaPads in four different sizes. The smaller U310 and U410 notebooks (13.3” and 14”) will have the ultrabook designation, coming in at 3.85/4.4 pounds and 18 mm/21 mm thick, respectively. They’re primed for Windows 8, and that […]

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    Turn Any Wall into a Full-Sized Touch Screen Display with Kinect

    Here we are at Day 1 of Intel Developer Forum witnessing some fabulous proof-of-concept designs. The first concept to really catch our eye is Intel’s “Display without Boundaries”, where Intel turns any surface into a fully capable multi-touch screen. That means you can turn any wall, table, or item into a touch-screen device that recognizes […]

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    Lenovo’s IdeaCentre B540 All-in-One Thinks it’s a TV

    Lenovo has become a real strong player in the all-in-one PC market, as the company makes some of the sexiest AIO’s you can find. Their latest, the IdeaCentre B540, follows in those footsteps by sporting a 23″ full HD frameless display featuring both state-of-the-art multitouch and 3D technologies. The system is a OneKey TV that […]

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    Telikin Touchscreen is Grandma’s First Computer

    The Telikin Touchscreen PC is a new touchscreen PC designed for less tech savvy seniors. The system is essentially an Asus all-in-one PC that has been repackaged with super easy to use, touch based software. So instead of having to have gram or gramps dealing with viruses, firewalls, and what not, Telikin is designed to […]

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    TouchTec II iPad / iPhone Stylus and Ballpoint Pen Review

    A while back we reviewed TouchTec’s Pen iPhone/iPad Stylus. The TouchTec Pen is a pen that doubles as a stylus for touchscreen devices. TouchTec has now released an update to their pen. As a stand-alone ballpoint pen, the latest TouchTec pen continues to look sharp and professional, especially in black. We also appreciate its slim […]

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    Sony Bloggie Touch Review (MHS-TS20)

    Cisco’s recent announcement about discontinuing their popular Flip video camera series was pretty shocking. After all, the Flip did start the pocket camcorder craze and inspired a slew of imitators. That said, the news wasn’t all that shocking since smartphones are replacing pocket camcorders. We recently got the opportunity to test out the Sony Bloggie […]

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    Ringbow is a Mouse That You Wear on Your Finger

    As much as using your fingers on a touchscreen can be efficient, when it comes to performing contextual actions, your fingers don’t always perform. That is where Ringbow’s “mouse” device comes in. The Ringbow is essentially a mouse ring for your finger that allows users to control the context for touch functions. It also servers […]

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    Microsoft Surface Lands at Clinique in Bloomingdale’s

    The Clinique counter at Bloomingdale’s flagship store in NYC is the latest retail space to now offer the Microsoft Surface experience. Microsoft’s Surface table has been integrated in Clinique’s Smart Bar as a new interactive way to experience the Clinique products. Customers can place specially tagged Clinique products on Microsoft Surface in order to access […]

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    Dual-Screen Sprint Echo is the Silliest Smartphone Ever

    Don’t get us wrong, we love innovation, but occasionally a gadget comes along that just feels like a bad idea from the get go. Such is the case for yesterday’s announced Kyocera Echo from Sprint. Sure, the dual-screen smartphone looks pretty, it even looks futuristic and seems more like a concept device than an actual […]

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    HP Redesigns the TouchSmart PC with the TouchSmart 610

    HP’s versatile TouchSmart series just got a whole lot more versatile. The new TouchSmart 610 offers a similarly powerful feature set and the same rich TouchSmart software interface to the table as its predecessors, but this model sports a new design that allows the AIO system to rest at all sorts of angles. That includes […]

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    Kenneth Cole Digi-Touch Touch Screen Watch Review

    In a world where physical buttons are a thing of the past, Kenneth Cole presents their Digi-Touch KC1668 Touch Screen Digital Watch. Kenneth Cole has crafted yet another well designed time piece to complement the wrist of a male or female. The oversized digital screen displays day, date, and time as the default display. Alternate […]

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    oStylus Drawing Stylus Review – for iPad, iPhone and Touchscreens

    We’ve reviewed more than a few capacitive styluses for iPad & iPhone and touchscreens, and they’ve never been all that impressive. While some of them have been very nice, they have all lacked accuracy. Instead of a fine tip, like a pen, they have large round tips. This makes it hard to accurately register touch […]

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    Agloves are Afforable Gloves for iPad, iPhone and and Other Touchscreen Devices

    We’ve covered all sorts of iPhone friendly gloves over the years – including everything from Dots Gloves, Echo Gloves, to the TouchTec’s luxury leather gloves. Now yet another company has joined the market for touchscreen gloves. Agloves has created touchscreen friendly gloves by knitting silver yarn through out their entire glove. They chose silver (Ag) […]

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    Hands-on Photos with the BlackBerry Torch 9800 + Video

    Today BlackBerry and AT&T launched their most powerful BlackBerry yet. The new BlackBerry Torch 9800 is RIM’s first touch QWERTY device slider. The phone was developed with AT&T as a partner and seems to be an exclusive, and wow, are we sick of carrier exclusives! Putting that gripe aside, the BlackBerry Torch 9800 is looking […]

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    Samsung’s HMX-E10 1080P Pocket Camcorder Screams “Touch Me!”

    Ever since the Flip became popular, so many manufacturers have come out with competing products with not only similar function, but similar form as well. Quite frankly, we’re growing sick of the unoriginality, so it’s good to see that Samsung’s latest HD camcorder has a design that more or less deviates from the norm, if […]