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    GOgroove BlueSYNC Makes Alarm Clocks Cool Again

    GOgroove packed just about every modern connectivity option into the TYM, their new alarm clock. Take all that and put it in a classic, wooden casing with a retro display, and you’ve got a decent crack at making an alarm clock interesting. The look of the alarm clock is very slick with it’s illuminated digital […]

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    Grovemade Wooden iPhone Bumper Review

    Handcrafted in the good old U.S. of A, Grovemade’s wooden cases are examples of true american craftsmanship. To that effect, the folks over at Grovemade have literally put together some of the nicest iPhone cases we have seen to date ,which are made of all wood construction. These cases are precision machined and hand sanded […]

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    LSTN Troubadour Wooden Headphones are Just in Time for Earth Day

    About a year ago we reviewed headphones that were handcrafted from recycled wood, the LSTN Fillmore On-Ears. Now we’re reviewing their big brother, the LSTN Troubadours. The Trabadours are larger on-ear headphones with a more durable and premium look and feel. They, too, sport a fantastic finish crafted from rich recycled wood. As a great […]

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    GGMM Timberland Wood iPhone 5 Case Review

    They make the iPhone in wood now?! Nope! This is Timberland Sapele Wood case by GGMM for iPhone 5. It’s the easiest and lightest way to make iPhone become one with nature. We were instantly enthralled with the GGMM Timberland Wooden iPhone case when we saw it on display at CES. So much so, that […]

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    Rock Band 2 Instruments Review

    Several weeks ago we reviewed Rock Band 2 and were only able to experience it with the 1st generation drum kit and guitars. However as an update to that review we recently got a chance to try out the 2nd generation drum kit and guitar. Would they be more impressive and intuitive this time around? […]

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    The Sims 2: Castaway Review

    Ever since acquiring Maxis (the original makers of the Sims Franchise), Electronic Arts (EA) has managed to create and expound on a very viable, highly addictive computer game that has achieved a cult like following; turning it into a sub culture, complete with its very own vernacular that continues to capture the hearts, minds, imaginations […]