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    These Zombie Disney Princesses Are Out for Brains

    Well, there might be less singing and more incoherent gurgling in this Magic Kingdom. A couple years ago, we checked out the work of a fan artist who did a Disney x Walking Dead crossover series — here’s what happens when that series runs for a little too long. Artist Chloé Roger has drawn those Disney […]

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    These Leggings Prove That Your Brains Are Really in Your Pants

    There’s so much that’s appropriate about the zombie craze. It’s been going on forever, and despite intermittent claims (including those from myself) that the zombie craze is dead, it still isn’t. It just never dies. Instead, it will continue to lumber along, slowly gnawing on pop culture until the infection has completely spread. Someday, all […]

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    Resident Evil 5 Review for XBox 360

    If you like killing zombies in the morning, afternoon and even at night, then Capcom has done a great job of that in Resident Evil 5. The latest installment in a series of horror survival games has been brought to a new level of play. Capcom and has gone and transformed this usual single player […]