She Was Stabbed Over 150 Times And It Took 46 Years To Identify Her; Could She Have Been A Manson Murder Victim?

On November 16th, 1969, a 15-year-old birdwatcher came across something far more sinister than he bargained for.

The boy was on Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles, which is famous for having some of the most expensive homes and views of the Hollywood Sign.

And it was also 6 miles away from where Sharon Tate was brutally murdered that same year, just three months earlier on August 9th. 

In the heavy brush just off the road, there was a woman sitting upright, dressed in a Candian-made jeans jacket and bell-bottom style jeans.

She was 5 foot 9. 112 pounds. She had dark hair and green eyes. She was 19-years-old. She had been stabbed more than 150 times. She had no ID on her.

She was covered in blood from head to toe, but there was not a lot of blood pooled around her. At the scene, there were blood marks on the road near where she was found, leading investigators to think that she had been murdered somewhere else, probably driven to the location where she was found, dragged out of the car, and pushed off the side of the road.

An autopsy was performed, and it was revealed that she had passed away a day or so before being found. She had exactly 157 stab wounds to her chest, neck, and torso that had been made by a penknife.

She had put up a fight against her attacker; the defensive wounds on her hands attested to that.

She had eaten two hours before she passed. There was no evidence that she had drugs or alcohol in her system.

She was deemed “Jane Doe 59,” since she was the 59th unidentified woman found that year, and informally called “Sherry Doe.”

Authorities tried to piece together who she was in the days that followed her discovery. Those days turned into months. Those months turned into years. Those years piled up into decades.

It ended up taking 46 years to identify her. Could she have been a Manson murder victim, especially since she was so close to where Sharon Tate had her life cut short by Charles Manson’s followers?

Here’s who she is and who could have been responsible for her death.

Family photo; pictured above is Jane Doe 59

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