Everything You Need To Know About Oksana Patchin, The Mom Who Jumped Off A New York City Building While Holding Her 5-Year-Old Daughter

Oksana and Olivia got to her friend’s place located at 540 West 53rd Street in Manhattan; a 12-story high-rise building sitting in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.

While there, Oksana allegedly asked her friend if she could take Olivia up to the roof quickly to show her the stunning views of the city.

Her friend thought nothing of it and gave Oksana her access card to the roof. At around 1:30 that afternoon, rooftop security cameras picked up Oksana and Olivia entering the area.

Oksana begins walking back and forth, before scooping Olivia up in her arms.

Facebook; Oksana smiles in the photo above

Then, this mom of two jumped, with Olivia still right there in her arms. Oksana and Olivia were found on the pavement below by officers with the NYPD after a 911 came in regarding the fall.

Although Oksana and Olivia were taken to a nearby hospital, they both passed away from their injuries.

In the aftermath of what Oksana did, her loved ones are struggling to come to terms with why she would do such a thing to a child she loved so much.

She didn’t leave any kind of note behind. She didn’t seem to be the type of person capable of taking her own life, let alone that of her daughter’s.

The only thing people can think of as a reason for her to have done this is the fact that she separated from her husband over the summer months of 2020.

It’s something that hit Oksana very hard, and she ended up taking prescription anti-depressants to help deal with the major change in her life.

Facebook; Oksana is pictured above with her husband

A GoFundMe page created by a friend of Oksana’s husband reads, “I am raising money to help my friend Patrick Patchin cover the costs of funeral expenses for both his wife Oksana and their beautiful daughter Olivia who was just 5 years old.”

“For many years they lived a very happy life but 2020 took it’s toll on Oksana’s mental health and on January 10th, 2021, Oksana took Olivia in her arms and jumped from a high building to a very sad and tragic death.”

“Oksana was a kind and loving mother who adored her daughter.  We would have never thought anything like this would ever happen. She clearly suffered in ways we will never know.”

“Olivia was born a fighter at just 3 pounds, 1 oz,  Doctors said she would have multiple disabilities, but she was perfect in every way.  Angelic, beautiful and full of love.”

“They both deserve to be buried and Rest In Peace.”

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