This Dog Got Lost Before Hurricane Harvey Hit, But Now She Has Been Reunited With Her Family After 3 Years Of Being Missing

Just outside of Houston, Texas, one family suffered a succession of nightmares a few years ago but it’s all proving to be one happy ending.

Back in 2017, a Texas family made the move to New Caney from The Woodlands, and they did so just a few days before Hurricane Harvey hit in mid-August.

If that wasn’t devastating enough dealing with the fatal flooding and winds that reached speeds as high as 134 miles per hour, they ended up losing their dog Maddie during their move.

Although the two places are less than a 30-minute drive apart, Maddie managed to slip away from her loved ones.

This family desperately searched to find their beloved dog, but as time went on they still couldn’t locate her.

Facebook; the Forgotten Pet Advocates shared the above photo of Maddie being reunited with her family

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