She Was Found Shot In Her Home With Her 4-Year-Old After Someone Who Knew Her Killer Confessed Called For A Welfare Check

An officer from the Weaver Police Department headed out to Katlynn’s home on Juanita Lane to check on her, and when he arrived, something wasn’t quite right.

One of the windows on Katlynn’s back door clearly showed signs of forced entry. The responding officer and a deputy from the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office then made their way inside of the house.

Sadly, they found Katlynn dead inside. She had suffered from several stab wounds and she also had been shot multiple times.

Her 4-year-old son had been shot in his head, but he was alive and rushed to a local hospital.

Facebook; pictured above Katlynn smiles

Authorities began looking for Alex, and they finally caught up with him in a field after being involved in a high-speed chase. Before he could be arrested, Alex shot himself and later passed away.

“One of our family members Katlynn Jones who was just 24 years young was involved in a tragic event and she sadly lost her life,” explains a GoFundMe page created to help cover the costs of Katlynn’s funeral and Mason’s medical expenses.

“Her son Mason who was also involved is in the hospital and in critical condition and has been giving 3 days to live.”

An update shared on the page says that Mason is currently in stable condition.

Facebook; pictured above is a post from Katlynn’s sister

“We will not know a date for the funeral until midweek. We have received alot of questions about that. Please keep in mind that this tragedy happened yesterday and there is a process that must take place before those dates are given,” the update explains.

“Mason is stable at the moment. By stable, I mean no better or worse. He is showing small good signs that the neurosurgeon is impressed with but we still have a 48-hour window until we can start truly being able tell if he can possibly fight through this. Please continue praying for our sweet Mason. Miracles can happen.”

Right now, the Weaver Police Department is trying to put together the motive behind Katlynn’s senseless murder.

You can donate to the GoFundMe for Katlynn and Mason here.

Facebook; pictured above is a statement from the Weaver Police Department

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