She Was Arrested After Being Caught Pleasuring Herself In A Stranger’s Car Without Any Clothes On

Mankato, Minnesota. 35-year-old Jennifer Dorit Weber racked up a slew of charges after she was caught doing something pretty wild in a stranger’s car recently.

On May 9th, several people called 911 at around 1:30 in the afternoon to report a woman walking around at a local car dealership…without her clothes on.

That woman turned out to be none other than Jennifer, and she was not only waltzing around naked, but she was also getting into and out of different cars sitting there in the parking lot.

Police photo; pictured above is 35-year-old Jennifer Dorit Weber in her mugshot

One of the cars that Jennifer climbed into before authorities arrived on the scene was a gold-colored Pontiac SUV. She sat in the car’s driver seat before turning the car on.

Then, she got out and got into the back seat of a Chevy Silverado (which had been dropped off at the dealership by the owner to get fixed).

When officers got there, they found Jennifer lying in the back of the Chevy.

“Officers observed feet sticking out of the door,” a probable cause statement obtained by Chip Chick reads.

“Officer Wood approached the truck and observed a completely naked woman lying across the floor of the second row.”

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