This Little Girl Is Hoping To Raise Enough Money To Afford A Service Dog For Her Birthday

After Jerrica ended up coding in the hospital during her stay, her biological parents decided to give Barbara custody of Jerrica.

Facebook; pictured above is Jerrica with balloons for her 13th birthday

“They have never seen her again,” Barbara wrote on Facebook. “This has been such a life-changing decision, funny though, we wouldn’t change a thing!”

Since Jerrica has been in Barbara’s care, she has had to face many surgeries, hospital visits, and difficulties.

At times, some doctors didn’t think Jerrica would be able to survive, but here she is. “It has been a struggle, but she is an amazing child with a capacity for survival that shocks us all at times,” Barbara explained.

Facebook; pictured above is Jerrica with a therapy dog

Jerrica and her family are hoping to raise enough money to cover the costs of a service dog, and it will change Jerrica’s life immensely. A service dog will ultimately help Jerrica be more independent, and she is so excited to have this opportunity.

The service dog that Jerrica’s family has picked out (named Sydney) will cost $3,000. To have Sydney spayed will cost $345. To have Sydney professionally trained for 2 years will cost $9,600.

You can follow Jerrica and her story on Facebook here and if you would like to donate to help Jerrica afford her service dog, you can do so here.

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