26-Year-Old Passes Away After She Fell More Than 50 Feet While Canyoneering In Zion National Park

A little over 4 hours south of Salt Lake City, Utah, is Zion National Park. The park is well known for its picturesque canyons and outdoorsy activities like hiking, horseback riding, and canyoneering.

26-year-old Cassy Brown worked as a guide for the Zion Adventure Team, a company that offers guided tours through the park.

Her Instagram account is full of stunning photos of different parts of the park that she went adventuring throughout.

“I’m kinda stubborn and closed off in real life,” Cassy wrote on one of her posts. “I put my walls up to the world, and it’s through the backpacking or the canyoneering or the packrafting that I can begin to let down those walls and allow myself to be seen.”

Instagram; pictured above is one of the incredible shots Cassy took in Zion National Park

Over the weekend, Cassy was out in the park doing what she loved. On Saturday, Cassy was canyoneering through Mystery Canyon by herself when something went wrong.

“Near the end, she apparently got her rope stuck on a rappel, and unfortunately chose to ascend the rope,” a friend of Cassy’s named Tom shared on Facebook.

“The rope released at some point, and she fell to the ground, resulting in multiple severe injuries. Another party came along about an hour later and found her semi-conscious.”

“They sent someone out to alert Zion SAR, who responded quickly. While trying to position the rescue helicopter for a short haul, Cassy died from her injuries.”

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