After Her Boyfriend Strangled Her To Death He Showed Off Her Lifeless Body On FaceTime Then Put Her In The Trunk Of Her Car

High Point, North Carolina. 19-year-old college student Gianna Delgado had recently broken up with her boyfriend, 24-year-old Michael Louis Cadogan.

Although the two had split, they were both on the lease of their apartment, so they continued to live there together.

Last Monday, June 21st, a female friend of Michael’s got a FaceTime call from him at 5:30 in the morning.

When this woman picked up the phone, Michael showed her Gianna lying lifelessly in their apartment.

Michael allegedly told his friend that he strangled Gianna to death, and this woman wasted no time contacting the police.

Michael called her back several times to discuss what he was doing with Gianna’s body, and this woman was able to record the calls and show them to authorities.

Facebook; Gianna is pictured above

The High Point Police Department began looking for Michael, but they were tipped off that he had put Gianna’s body in the trunk of her car and was heading to Tennessee to dump her.

The High Point Police Department then reached out to the Carter County Tennessee Sherriff’s Office to alert them to the fact that Michael was possibly driving through their area with Gianna in the trunk.

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