Meet The 10-Year-Old That Puts Together Thousands Of Art Kits For Children Living In Foster Care And Shelters

On her website, it says, “Chelsea started out wanting to provide her homemade art kits to children that may not have access to art supplies or children that have gone through a traumatic experience.”

“She wants to help support the social-emotional  development of as many children as possible because “art is start!” Chelsea assembles art kits for children with various supplies donated to her throughout the year and includes a personal note from Chelsea in each kit.”

That’s not all Chelsea does…

Chelsea’s Charity; Chelsea smiles in the photo above

Chelsea also enjoys teaching art lessons to other children.

So far, Chelsea has been able to donate thousands of art kits to children throughout America living in homeless shelters or foster care.

She wants to be able to donate more kits so she can continue to help support the social-emotional development and mental health of other children.

You can check out Chelsea’s website here, where you can donate to her wonderful cause!

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