Missing 6-Year-Old Found Dead In A Motel Room And Now His Dad’s Girlfriend Is Being Charged

Samuel’s mom did not have Samuel with her though, and she also had never even left her house on May 27th.

As investigators dug deeper into what was going on, they realized Theresa’s story was not adding up, and she was not telling the truth.

Then, someone anonymously called in a tip to CrimeStoppers, which pointed investigators directly to a motel in Jasper, Texas.

Facebook; pictured above is Theresa

When authorities showed up to the motel they got tipped off about, they sadly found a child dead in one of the rooms.

They now believe this child to be none other than 6-year-old Samuel.

Twitter; pictured above Troy Finner, Houston Police Chief, confirms they believe they found Samuel dead in the motel room

“The active and emotional search for 6-year-old Samuel Olson is now over,” Texas EquuSearch, the organization heavily involved in the search for Samuel, shared.

“The body of a young child that had been found hidden away in a motel room in Jasper, Texas is thought to be that of little Samuel; but positive identification and the cause of the young boy’s death must still be confirmed by medical authorities and law enforcement investigators.”

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