She Should Have Been Celebrating Her 14th Birthday Today But She Died After Being Stabbed By A Man On A 2 Day Crime Spree

Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Today, Mount Pleasant teen Adrie Dembowske should be celebrating her 14th birthday, but instead of her family planning her a party, they had to plan her funeral.

Adrie was passionate about ballet, riding on roller coasters or ATVs, spending time in her hammock, and going camping or kayaking.

She dreamed of growing up to become a lawyer and had a zest for life. Adrie was “happy-go-lucky” and had a way of bringing joy to everyone that spent time around her.

“Very fun-loving and imaginative, Adrie loved playing jokes on others,” her obituary reads.

“One April Fool’s Day, she and her sister flipped all the furniture upside down. Also very resourceful, when she made up her mind that she wanted to do something, Adrie would research it and learn how to accomplish her goal.”

“A very smart young lady, she enjoyed investigating family history, studying about the world, learning sign language, and being a part of Student Council in East Tawas.”

Facebook; pictured above is Adrie

On June 6th, Adrie sadly lost her life when a 40-year-old man named Isaiah Gary Gardenhire stabbed her after going on a 2 day crime spree.

Isaiah stole a car, stabbed Adrie, and also sexually assaulted another woman.

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