She Was Just Found Dead Under Suspicious Circumstances On The Exact Same Property Her Sister-In-Law Was Burned And Murdered On

Water Valley, Mississippi. In December of last year, Kristina Michelle Jones was found the day after Christmas burned and murdered in her home.

Kristina’s house had been set on fire, and the blackened and seared remains of where she lived still sit there on the property.

40-year-old Ashley Henley, whose husband Brandon Henley was Kristina’s brother, began looking into her sister-in-law’s death.

She was very public about what was disclosed to the family by authorities and what was going on with the investigation.

Facebook; pictured above are Kristina and Ashley

Brandon also wasn’t quiet about what was going on with his sister’s case, even calling out the Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Department for refusing to “address what happened” with Kristina’s murder.

Facebook; pictured above is a post from Brandon calling out the Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Department

On May 20th, Brandon took to Facebook to share an update on where they were with his sister’s case.

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