She Was Walking To Her Best Friend’s House When She Was Kidnapped And 4 Years After Her Remains Were Found There’s Finally A Suspect In Her Case

Authorities had to wait until May of 2018 to continue searching the area due to the amount of snow built up.

Facebook; pictured above is another photo of Lindsey

“Undersheriff Myers described the search area, located about 20 miles West of Ellensburg, as steep, heavily timbered with large cliffs and deep ravines,” the statement continued.

DNA testing was ultimately what connected the remains found in the woods to Lindsey.

Although the coroner noted in a report that her manner of death was clearly a homicide, her cause of death was undetermined.

Facebook; pictured above Lindsey smiles

Lindsey’s family was no closer to having answers following the discovery of her remains, but recently it seems that might all change after all these years.

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying they arrested a man in connection with the 2003 kidnapping and sexual assault of a 17-year-old that had gone cold.

Authorities had DNA from the crime, and they were able to use genealogy testing to lead them to a man named Paul Beiker.

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