Toddler Swallows 16 Ball Magnets And Ends Up In The Hospital

Orlando, Florida. 2-year-old Konin Arrington ended up in the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children after he got his hands on 16 ball-shaped magnets and swallowed them.

Konin has 4 siblings and lives in West DeLand with his family. According to Konin’s family, on May 18th, Konin ingested Bucky Ball Magnets.

These magnets are only meant to only be used by adults as toys for their desks, but Konin got into them accidentally, and without his family’s knowledge.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Konin

At first, Konin’s parents didn’t know what was wrong with Konin; they just knew something was wrong.

Konin’s parents rushed him to the hospital, where doctors discovered the cause of his symptoms. You can very clearly see on Konin’s x-ray below the 16 little magnetic balls he swallowed.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Konin’s x-ray showing the magnetic balls he swallowed

Once the cause of Konin’s problems was discovered, he had to have a Laparotomy, which is a procedure where surgeons cut into his stomach to then do a gastronomy repair.

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