What Do The Movies Get Wrong About Jail? Allow These Former Inmates To Fill You In

“The boredom is astonishing.”


“Honestly it’s the people on the outside. When you go in it’s not good to have family connections or anything like that really. It really rips your heart out.”


“No guns or cell phones. On TV whenever a cop goes to the jail when they are interviewing the suspect they have a gun and cell phone on their hip. Both items are turned in at the front gate.”


“Don’t forget bad food and cleaner. I think adding the cleaner smell is what made it really sickening.”


“I’ve been in solitary confinement once. I can’t speak for all jails, but the one I was in was a cell just like any other. In fact, it was a bit cleaner than most and I kind of wanted to stay in it.”

“I’m not a social person and would have preferred to be alone, in fact, I got put there basically for arguing with officers over being assigned a cellmate (I was claiming that my anxiety disorder qualified me to be in a cell by myself, which it did…) so I got myself into solitary…which was actually preferable to where I was.”

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