6-Year-Old Strangled To Death Hours After Being Abducted While Playing In Her Yard And She Was Inside Her Killer’s Home While Police Searched It

Cayce, South Carolina. February 10th, 2020 started out as a normal weekday for 6-year-old Faye Marie Swetlik. She came home from school that day, and then she went to play outside in her yard.

Faye’s mom Selena was inside of their house while Faye played outside close to their porch. Selena could hear Faye playing, but at around 4:20 that afternoon, she noticed everything was silent.

Concerned, Selena went into the yard to see why Faye was being quiet. The problem was, Selena couldn’t find her daughter anywhere.

Selena quickly set out to search the neighborhood for Faye, and she gathered up some of her neighbors to help.

The search yielded no signs of Faye, and at 4:55 p.m., Selena called 911 to report the little girl as missing.

Cayce Department of Public Safety; pictured above is Faye

The Cayce Department of Public Safety rushed to Selena’s house to investigate where Faye had gone.

A helicopter, K-9 search teams, and local firefighters were also brought in to help search the area that Faye had gone missing from.

Officers went house to house asking neighbors if they had seen Faye, but nobody had seen her.

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