6-Year-Old Strangled To Death Hours After Being Abducted While Playing In Her Yard And She Was Inside Her Killer’s Home While Police Searched It

As the search continued, officers ended up at a townhouse located at Piccadilly Square. A man named Coty Taylor lived there along with his roommate.

Coty wasn’t home while officers first searched there 2 days after Faye went missing, and his roommate said he was out of the house working when Faye disappeared.

The roommate said it was alright for the officers to search their place, and authorities came across a black-colored laundry hamper underneath the stairs in the home.

At first, the laundry hamper didn’t seem suspicious, but in a follow-up search, it would turn out that evidence pointed to Faye having been in this laundry hamper….most likely while authorities had been searching the townhome.

Cayce Department of Public Safety; pictured above is Faye at school

The day after authorities first searched Coty’s townhome, they dug through the trash of the complex.

One of the garbage cans had a polka dot patterned rain boot that matched the rain boots Faye had been wearing when she went missing.

Inside the garbage can was also a knife, a brown-colored blanket, and a ladle that clearly had fresh dirt on it.

After authorities found the ladle with dirt on it, they decided to search the woods behind the townhome complex that Coty lived in, fearing the ladle had been used to bury Faye.

It didn’t take long into the search before the other polka dot boot that Faye had been wearing was found close to some dirt that looked to be freshly moved.

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