Man Charged After Sleeping With Several Women And Not Disclosing To Them That He’s HIV Positive

Port Orange, Florida. 27-year-old Gentry Burns was diagnosed as being positive for HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) back in January of 2014.

Gentry allegedly went on to sleep with several women after learning he was HIV positive, and he didn’t disclose to any of those poor women this key detail about his medical history.

The Volusia Sheriff’s Office was first contacted by an ex-girlfriend of Gentry’s who reached out to them to say that she thought she got HIV from him at some point during 2013.

Since becoming infected, she made it her mission to find out who else Gentry was dating so that she could alert them about possible infection.

This woman was able to hand over a list of women she believed to have been infected, and the investigation began.

After subpoenaing Gentry’s medical records, the Volusia Sheriff’s Office confirmed that he had been diagnosed as being HIV positive.

They then reached out to the other women who had been involved with Gentry and learned that none of them had any idea about him being positive.

One of the three women they spoke to was later diagnosed as being HIV positive a year after dating Gentry.

Volusia Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is Gentry in a mugshot

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