33 Years Ago She Was Stabbed Walking Home From Campus And Her Killer Has Just Been Charged But It Turns Out He Was At The Scene Of A Second Girl’s Murder A Year Later

Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was June 22nd, 1988, when 21-year-old University of New Mexico student Althea Oakley was on campus spending time with her boyfriend at a frat house party.

Althea ended up leaving the party alone that night and decided that she was going home.

“Oakeley got upset and left on foot through the campus, heading south toward her residence that she shared with her brother,” the Albuquerque Police Department said in a statement.

“According to witnesses, Oakeley was heard screaming, and she was found stabbed outside a home at 1320 Buena Vista Drive S.E. Oakeley died from her wounds.”

After Althea’s murder, the Albuquerque Police Department tried to track down her killer with no luck. There simply were not any suspects they could identify at the time.

It wasn’t until a man by the name of Paul Apodaca was arrested on July 20th of this year that authorities had any insight into who had brutally ended Althea’s life.

Paul ended up being arrested for “violating his probation” and he revealed to officers that he had been the person to commit multiple murders during the 1980s through 1990s.

Albuquerque Police Department; pictured above is 21-year-old University of New Mexico student Althea Oakley

Althea sadly was one of his victims, and detectives are working to now piece together the information Paul gave them about the rest of his victims.

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