Missing Woman Discovered Dead In Her Basement And Encased In Concrete

Linville Falls, North Carolina. 70-year-old Lynn Gay Keene was reported missing on July 30th to the Avery County Sheriff’s Office.

Lynn’s family last spoke with her on June 14th, and they became worried when they could not get a hold of her after that point in time.

When detectives arrived at Lynn’s home to investigate, they found that her 2000 Lincoln Town was missing from her house along with her.

Several days after Lynn’s car was keyed into a database and reported as missing, it turned up abandoned somewhere.

What’s strange was that the keys were placed under the driver’s side seat, and there were several empty bags of concrete inside of the trunk.

Avery County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is Lynn

Authorities then knew that they had to obtain a search warrant for Lynn’s home, and what they found was sad and shocking.

“During the search detectives and SBI agents found human remains entombed in concrete in the basement of the home,” Avery County Alerts said in a Facebook post.

“An autopsy was performed on the human remains that were located and it was determined through dental records that the remains were that of Ms. Keene.”

“The autopsy also concluded that the cause of death was a homicide and that Keene did not die of natural causes.”

Facebook; pictured above is the post from Avery County Alerts

53-year-old Elizabeth Freeman was then named a person of interest in Lynn’s murder, and she had worked as Lynn’s caretaker. She also lived with her.

Elizabeth was later found and arrested. She was additionally charged with larceny of a motor vehicle, identity theft, and financial card theft.

John Thompson, who lived next to Lynn and was friends with her for years, told 11 Alive that Lynn would always give him a birthday card, but he did not receive one last month from her.

“I never would have imagined this would have happened. Not here. And not to her,” John explained.

“We just all remember seeing her certain days, and then started asking like, oh, it’s been a while since we’ve actually seen her.”