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Mom Swears She Has A Video Of Paranormal Activity Happening In Her Son’s Crib And TikTok Thinks It’s Freaky

Erika’s husband was changing their baby on the other side of the room while her toddler was sleeping in his crib.

The particles fly over the top of the toddler’s crib in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, jolting him up from his deep slumber.

However, the video, predictably, provoked heated discussion in the comments section over whether Erika’s home is haunted by the so-called paranormal activity. 

While some believe it to be true, others dismiss it as nothing more than dust particles.

“THAT IS NOT NORMAL,” one remarked.

Another wrote, “That’s what happens when there’s a ghost or something in your house.”

“I saw something move in the corner below. Creepy you guys,” someone else wrote.

“IT IS DUSSSSTTTT,” exclaimed one irate user.

Despite all the discussions, what we do know is whether it be dust or an actual paranormal activity, it might be creepy to some who believe in such supernatural activities while others shrug it off as nothing.

What do you think of it? Ghost or just specks of dust floating in the air? Have you had such experiences?


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