She Disappeared After Leaving Work One Night And Her Car Was Found 1 Mile Down The Road But She’s Been Gone For 17 Years

Montgomery, Vermont. It was March 19th, 2004, when 17-year-old Brianna Maitland went to her shift at the Black Lantern.

The Black Lantern is an inn that originally opened in 1803, and Brianna’s job was to wash dishes there.

That night in March was a completely normal night, according to the people that worked with Brianna. She wasn’t acting odd, there weren’t any issues, and everything seemed to be alright at the inn.

Brianna’s coworkers did ask if she would like to hang out after her shift was done, but she said she had to get home since she needed to get up early for another job that she had.

Brianna finished her shift and left at around 11:20 that evening.

“She was seen leaving in her 1985 Oldsmobile 88, which was later located backed into an abandoned building about one mile from the restaurant,” the Vermont State Police explained in a statement.

Brianna was nowhere to be found, but inside of her car on the passenger’s side seat was the medication she took for migraines and her uncashed paychecks from the inn.

“It was first believed that Brianna had run away, but later was determined that she may have been a victim of foul play,” the Vermont State Police continued.

Facebook; pictured above is Brianna

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