She Was Kidnapped Right Out Of Her Boyfriend’s Car Then Murdered 3 Days Later But It Took 46 Years To Catch Her Killer And He Finally Admitted What He Did

As authorities began to investigate Carla’s murder, they continued looking into Glen, the man who lived close to the bowling alley parking lot that Carla had been kidnapped out of and who owned the same kind of gun that had been used in her kidnapping.

Glen never went to work on the night that Carla was taken out of her boyfriend’s car. He never went to work the following day.

Additionally, Glen’s wife had not been home those days, since she was out of town. Glen insisted he did not know Carla and he insisted he had nothing to do with what happened to her.

Still, authorities kept looking into Glen and other possible suspects. The years ticked on by. All of a sudden it was 2019 and Carla’s case had long gone cold.

It came to light that someone had written and mailed a letter to the detective working Carla’s case way back in 1974. The detective passed away right after he got this letter from a stranger, and so he never ended up telling anyone about it.

On April 19th, 2019, the Fort Worth Police Department shared this letter on social media, hoping it would help bring new leads.

Fort Worth Police Department; pictured above is the letter

The person who wrote the letter admits to killing Carla, before adding, “It is hard to say but it is true.”

This piece of paper definitely led to renewed interest in Carla’s case, and while the media was talking about it police were quietly working on new ways to hunt down her killer.

Carla’s clothes that she had been wearing were collected into evidence back in 1974, and they were still in the possession of the police department after all those years.

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