Some Kids At A Summer Camp Found A Dead Man In The Woods And This Is The Interesting Note The Camp Sent Out To Parents

Becket, Massachusetts. Camp Lenox is a sleepaway-style summer camp for both girls and boys ages 7 to 16.

With more than 50 different activities and bathrooms located directly inside the cabins, this camp set in the Berkshires seems like a great place for a kid to spend a summer.

Well, some of their campers ended up having an experience they never bargained for after coming across something horrifying up there in the woods on the camp’s property.

The campers were out just trying to find some firewood when they happened across a dead man in the woods.

The Massachusetts State Police confirmed that the man had taken his own life and was in the woods for quite a while before the unlucky campers came across him.

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In light of the disturbing find, the camp decided the send one interesting note out to the parents, which quickly made the rounds on social media.

A woman named Bex Schwartz posted a copy of the letter to Twitter, and here’s what it says, below.

“Dear Friends, Color War broke out last night and the camp is buzzing with excitement for the greatest of all camp events,” the letter started out.

The letter then acknowledges that they had a “strange but true event” that happened that day.

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