This American Idol Star’s Asking For Help After Her Days-Old Baby Was Taken Away From Her By Authorities Just Months After Her First Child Was Taken Too

Sarasota, Florida. If your child was forcefully taken away from you for reasons unknown, how would you react?

Imagine going to the hospital with your sick child only to have CPS come to take them away claiming that the child was not being looked after and looked malnourished?

Syesha Mercado, a former finalist on American Idol, and her partner Tyron Deneer have lost custody of their newborn daughter, five months after authorities took their son away.

Syesha is speaking out against the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office after they took her 10-day-old infant daughter in a video that she posted that has since gone viral.

Tyron shared an Instagram Live video of the August 11 incident with Manatee County sheriff’s deputies, which you can watch here, in which the authorities demanded that the couple hand over the newborn infant.

Authorities stopped Syesha and Tyron when they were driving with their newborn daughter.

The cops insisted on conducting a random welfare check on the side of the road. The couple is handed a court order to surrender their days-old baby for a hospital exam in the video of their meeting with Manatee County Sheriff’s officials.

GoFundMe; pictured above are Syesha, Tyron, and their son who was taken from them a few months ago, Amen’Ra

As shown in a distressing video that has received over 2 million views, the newborn was taken by the police and then to a local hospital to be examined.

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