This American Idol Star’s Asking For Help After Her Days-Old Baby Was Taken Away From Her By Authorities Just Months After Her First Child Was Taken Too

It seems that their daughter was taken because a few months ago, Syesha and Tyron’s 15-month-old son was also taken from them after they were accused of malnourishing him.

He also has not been returned to their care and is currently in the foster care system. On a GoFundMe page started by Syesha, she explained how her son was taken from her and Tyron.

“On March 11th, 2021 our son Amen’Ra was forcefully taken from us by CPS, who claim we refused a B12 shot that was a matter of life and death, which is an absolute lie,” she wrote.

“We never refused a B12 shot, and at no point was he on the verge of death. Our Sun was then placed with a foster family without interviewing qualified relatives or friends of our family for placement while they investigate.”

“He was later moved to another caretaker. At the time of being taken from us, he was 15 months old and I had recently discovered I was pregnant.”

“My milk supply got low, and I went to Johns Hopkins All Children’s hospital to get some help, but was forcibly left without my baby.”

Syesha continued to discuss what happened with her daughter, Ast. 

“On August 1, I gave birth, at home, to our beautiful happy, and healthy baby girl,” Syesha said.

“She ushered in so much peace to our hearts. We named her Ast, which means “the gathering/ coming together…” On August 11, while we were on our way to the Sheriff’s office to do a wellness check, we were surrounded by flashing lights and armed officers, who unjustly took Ast from me on the side of the road, exposing her to all kinds of dangers, with all these strangers around her.”

“Now, I can’t bond with my babby girl and meditate with her on my chest, I can’t hold my newborn daughter whenever she cries, or give her the breast milk that my body has produced for her very existence.”

“My body feels when she is hungry, but I don’t get to experience the joy of feeding her. I’m missing the most tender moments of her life.”

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