After She Went Missing Her Body Was Found Miles Away From Her Crashed Car

The day after Kelly last spoke to Sheridan, her car was found abandoned and crashed in a cornfield located in Florence County. It had also been completely burned out.

According to a GoFundMe page created by Sheridan’s roommate and friend Elizabeth Echenique, someone else was there at the time of the car crash.

“Witnesses said they saw a white male driving/fleeing the scene,” Elizabeth explained.

One day after Sheridan’s car was found, her body was discovered 10 miles away from the scene of the crash in Pamplico, South Carolina.

At approximately 8:40 in the morning on September 21st, Sheridan was sadly found deceased near the Hanna-Salem Fire Department.

Authorities have not said much about what happened to Sherida, though the Myrtle Beach Police Department noted that “it was determined that Wahl had left our jurisdiction safely.”

In an update Kelly shared, she mentioned, “the case has yet to be closed – and details have not been confirmed.”

Now, there are certainly more questions than answers surrounding her strange death.

Who was the man that witnesses saw leaving Sheridan’s car after the crash? Why was she found so far away from the accident?

Facebook; pictured above Sheridan smiles

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