Hero Dad Manages To Save His Young Daughter Before Tragically Drowning In A Jet Ski Accident

Smyrna, Tennessee. Last Saturday, 40-year-old Jose Manuel Alatorre took his 6-year-old daughter jet skiing on Percy Priest Lake located in Smyrna.

Not long after Jose and his daughter got seated on the jet ski, Jose hit the gas and the two of them, unfortunately, fell off of the back of the jet ski and into the lake.

Witnesses reported that Jose and his daughter did not have life jackets on, and as soon as they hit the water, Jose began screaming for someone to help them.

Someone on a nearby boat noticed what had happened and started heading over to Jose and his daughter.

“Before the boater could make it out to the man and his daughter, some kayakers along the bank paddled out and were able to pull the six-year-old girl up onto one of the kayaks and safely back to shore,” the Rutherford County EMA said in a statement.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Jose with his daughter

“The man went beneath the surface of the water. The boater went to the area where the man disappeared and used his fish finder and jumped into the water a few times but was unable to make contact.”

A little before 11 p.m. that evening, authorities were able to locate Jose’s body in the lake using scan sonar technology.

“On September 4th, 2021 the world lost an amazing person. Jose Manuel Alatorre lost his life in a tragic jet ski accident, in Jefferson Springs Tennessee,” a GoFundMe page created for Jose reads.

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