43 Years Ago His Remains Were Recovered From John Wayne Gacy’s Crawl Space And Though He Was Just Identified, 5 Victims Still Remain Without Their Names

Chicago, Illinois. Serial killer John Wayne Gacy was active in Chicago from 1972, when he committed his first murder, through 1978, when he was arrested that December.

John Wayne Gacy persuaded some of his victims to come to his home after offering them a job with a construction company he started, while other victims he simply snatched straight off the streets.

Once inside, John Wayne Gacy did horrific things to the boys and men he got his hands on.

He was convicted of taking the lives of 33 boys and young men, 26 of whom he hid beneath the crawl space of his home that sat on West Summerdale Avenue.

It’s been 43 years since authorities recovered those 26 boys and men from the crawl space, yet 6 of them remained without their names, up until a few days ago.

Des Plaines Police Department; pictured above is John Wayne Gacy in a mugshot

On October 25th, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office announced that one young man who had stayed nameless for over 4 decades had finally been identified.

“Cook County Sheriff’s Police identified Victim #5 found in Gacy’s crawl space on Dec. 26, 1978, as Francis Wayne Alexander,” the Cook County Sheriff’s Office explained in a press release.

“He was killed by Gacy sometime between early 1976 and early 1977. Alexander would have been 21 or 22 years old at the time of his murder.”

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